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JAplan Courses at NO CHARGE!

Level 1 – Online Course
The Level 1 course serves as an introduction to jurisdictional issues, as well as providing strategies for effective communication to prevent disputes.
This course is intended for individuals in any level of union or management positions who would benefit from having knowledge of these topics. A certificate is issued on completion.

Time:               2 hours
Cost:                FREE
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Have questions or need help accessing the Level 1 course? Contact our training partner SkillPlan at [email protected]

Level 2 – Workshop (In-person)
This full day workshop provides a practical review of jurisdictional assignments, procedures and resources. It also gives participants an opportunity to work through case studies and learn a best practices approach to jurisdictional dispute resolution.
This in-depth course is intended for union, management and project leaders. A certificate is issued on completion.

Upcoming Level 2 Workshops:
Dates:             Spring 2024 (April 22, 24) (DATES CHANGED!)
Duration:        1-day (9am-4pm)
Cost:                FREE

Contact [email protected] to register for one of the dates above.